Michael Bagneris on The Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

Regarding the current situation at sewerage and water board. Since 2005, we, the community have done our part—rebuilding our homes, businesses and lives; and paying our taxes. For that we should expect a city government that understands and has a plan to address the very real and historical problem of water in New Orleans. But in the wake of the August 5th flood, that doesn’t appear to be the case. As department heads struggled with the truth, only one brave public servant dared to speak publicly about what is obviously a complicit failure in the city’s drainage system when he said “This is not the first time; this time, we got caught.” The implications of that statement are chilling. And in light of the damage and property loss, it almost demonstrates a certain contempt for the citizens of New Orleans. Like me, you want answers. If we weren’t convinced before, we know now that our safety and security are at risk; and it’s likely we still don’t know how bad things really are. We deserve and should expect so much better from city government. This is Michael Bagneris and I’m running for Mayor. The next time City Hall wakes you at three in the morning, who do you want on the other end of the line— I believe you want someone who will tell you the truth even if it’s difficult and unpleasant; someone you can trust and who trusts you back to stand together and fix our problems. It’s our city and it’s our responsibility. New Orleans can change. Let’s do it now.


Independent Solutions to Sewerage & Water Board


Today, the Mayor reportedly called for a private, third-party company to take over the Sewerage & Water Board, and he also told the board he wants the outside company to investigate "so we can all have a better level of trust in the information we're getting." Emergency management may be necessary given the challenges we're faced with right now.

However, for complete transparency and accountability, we need to have a true assessment conducted and the firm selected to conduct that assessment should not be eligible to contract for long-term management responsibilities, which seems to be the Mayor's suggestion. If one firm does both, we will never get a TRUE picture of what happened, only one firm's analysis and how they can supposedly fix the problem. We need a REAL picture of our needs by one party and independent solutions in response to that analysis. Again...we cannot keep putting our public security at risk.

Bagneris reiterates call for independent study on proposed power plant

Re: https://bayoubuzz.com/bb/item/1062724-new-orleans-mayoral-candidate-bagneris-wants-caution-on-entergy-power-plant-proposal


I would like to further expound upon my call to the New Orleans City Council regarding a third-party independent study surrounding alternatives to Entergy New Orleans’ proposed power plant.

Since I issued that call, I have heard from numerous citizens.  Some of you are concerned about reliable, affordable power, particularly since many New Orleanians are at or below the poverty line.  Others are concerned about the environment, but also concerned about monthly bills.  Still others like the idea of renewable energy, but want a stable source of power here in the City that will keep the lights on.


Let me just say that I hear you.  I know all too well that many of our expenses have gone up.  As Mayor, I pledge to work to keep costs down so that we don’t make it more expensive to live in the City that we all love.


I still believe all issues should be examined.  I am informed that the Council’s consultants are reviewing Entergy’s proposal and have been doing so since June 2016.  However, the consultants have not yet opined on Entergy’s proposal.  The Council has already approved a schedule to look at additional information which should be presented to them.  After a thorough analysis of all the issues, I believe the advisers should make a public report and recommendation.  Once the report is rendered, hopefully within a reasonable timeframe, all citizens will be better informed regarding New Orleans’ future energy status.  Facts should always guide our decisions.  A factual report should result in a recommendation that is best for all New Orleanians.  As Mayor, that is exactly what I plan to do . . . what is best for you!

City Hiring Practices

JUDGE MICHAEL BAGNERIS, a candidate for Mayor, today made the following statement:

As a resident, I'm angry and embarrassed by the headlines in today's newspapers about questionable management practices at two of our most important bodies, the SWB and the NOPD...from failure to address neighborhood flooding...to rude phone responses when residents called about drainage...to reports about failure to hire a competent police recruiter...all call into question a long-standing problem about the city's overall ability to hire and manage competent directors, engineers and supervisors. Public safety and security should never be sacrificed because it is too politically expedient to ignore tough management issues, such as long-standing, out-dated operational and structural rules which keep our public agencies from hiring competent men and women. I have strong management skills, as demonstrated by my history as Chief Judge at the Civil District Courts, the management of my law practice and my long-standing public service. I'm ready to take this on, with all the state and local challenges it may entail. We should not only have pride in living in New Orleans, but in working here for its improvement and growth. 

From the steps of my campaign headquarters today:

Michael Bagneris at the campaign headquarters speaking with neighbor Madeleine, whose property suffered extensive damage from the flooding on Saturday, August 5, 2017.

Statement from Judge Michael Bagneris, candidate for Mayor on August 6, 2017:

“It is highly concerning that the City's infrastructure was not up to the task of the rain event we experienced yesterday. Whatever the cause of the insufficiency must be identified and addressed. The City said all pumping stations were up and running and yet many of us flooded. This presents a serious concern if our City's maximum pumping capabilities are unable to keep up with a rainstorm during Hurricane Season, even an extreme one.

"For a city that claims it is open for business and ready for its annual extreme weather season, we deserve a better answer than climate change. Climate change isn't going to get better anytime soon, so we have be better prepared. The biomedical corridor that will be a powerful economic driver for our City and region was flooded out by a rainstorm!

"Further, there is absolutely no reason after all the disaster planning this City has done since 2005 for us to be unable to notify residents IN REAL TIME about flooded roads, designated dry routes to keep people moving and save vehicles, and promote emergency response. At the very least, the City should have engaged its media partners, especially those on news radio, to inform citizens about the conditions.”