Michael Bagneris is running for Mayor to make our families safer. That’s his number one priority – including his budget priority.

Over the past eight years, we have lost approximately 400 police officers. New NOPD officers are getting trained at great cost to the city and to you, the taxpayer, but we can't keep up with the attrition rate in NOPD.

We will never stop the bleeding if we can’t stop the blue hemorrhage.

Michael will make it stop. This is how Michael Bagneris will make our city safe:

Rebuild: Give Our Police Force the Manpower it Needs

  • We have to reduce the attrition rate among NOPD Officers. We are losing members of our police force at nearly the same rate as we can train new recruits. Time to get off the hamster wheel and move forward. This is how:

    • Immediately increase the pay of every police officer by $10,000 a year. That will make us competitive in recruiting the top talent as new police officers and in retaining those we have. This would cost about $10 million. We can pay for this by reordering by about 2% the city budget that is already over $600 million a year. You have to pay police like your life depends on it – IT DOES.

    • Provide incentives to motivate serving police officers to stay with the force. Here is what that takes:

      • Subsidies to provide training and education. At one time, subsidies were available. That program needs to be reinstituted.

      • Provide take-home cars to every police officer, just as every surrounding Parish and the state police do.

  • Hire 300 new police. Build back the size of the force, starting with moving aggressively to hire 300 new police. This can be achieved in several ways:

    • The $10,000 pay raise along with a pro-police administration will be a powerful tool to persuade able-bodied officers who retired early due to morale issues back into the force.

    • Aggressively recruit those leaving active duty in the military. We have the finest, most able military in the world. They have served our nation and they will serve our city.

    • Fast-track trained officers from another state or with a military police background. Instead of the 26-week course for new recruits, they will take a one-month course particularizing their service to New Orleans.

    • Use best practices in recruiting.

      • Hire a full time recruiting director and staff to facilitate recruitment and enact additional policies to slow attrition.

      • Streamline hiring procedures.

      • Conduct a branding campaign to attract top recruits.

    • Keep the recruits we train. Training new police recruits is expensive. It’s only fair that those we train contractually agree to guarantee the city that they will stay with the police force for a certain number of years in exchange for the expense the city incurs in training them, and skilled training they receive. As it stands now, other police forces move aggressively to poach our recruits. That has to stop – now.

Redeploy: Work Smarter and Police with Efficacy

  • Invest in technology. Technology can act as a force multiplier for reducing crime and gun violence.  The technologies NOPD may employ under Michael Bagneris’ leadership include:

      • License plate readers.

      • Shot Spotter.

      • Crime cameras.

      • GPS in cars.

    • In order to fully utilize these technologies, we must also build a fully-staffed and appropriately equipped Crime Analytics Unit dedicated to intelligence operations and data-driven enforcement.

  • Community-based policing puts cops where they can make a real difference: in our neighborhoods. An effective police force requires a force that residents trust to do the right thing. Michael Bagneris will station police in neighborhoods, where officers and neighbors can get to know one another and forge bonds of trust. This approach has been proven to work. Michael Bagneris will bring it back and make it a robust program that will make a difference for our families.

  • Better identify risk. A very small group of people are responsible for a significant portion of violent crime. We have the data to identify this population in New Orleans and need to use it to focus on gun violence reduction. We will embed a trained Intelligence Officer from our Crime Analytics Department in each District to proactively identify and monitor violent criminals.

Reinvest: Eliminate Causalities, Build Communities

  • Build Interventions. Provide targeted assistance to highest risk-individuals:

    • GED training.

    • Job training.

    • Counseling and mental health services.

    • Housing and social support.

    • Drug rehab, reentry and youth programs.

    • If helping these individuals fails, take them off the streets.

  • Create synergy between NOPD and other criminal justice agencies. The police are not alone in the fight against crime. The District Attorney, Judiciary, and Public Defenders all play a crucial role in executing justice. Michael Bagneris and NOPD will work with other entities to identify ways to improve our criminal justice system. Our wheels of justice need to run like a well-oiled machine, not a turnstile!

Stop blaming, start changing. It takes more than just a strong plan and response to those who insist on breaking the law. We need real commitment to build on the economic growth, neighborhood revitalization and educational reforms achieved since 2005. That’s how you eliminate the roots of crime, when you face the challenges of poverty, under-employment and unemployment, affordable housing and homeownership, and you create real opportunities for change…and stop blaming.