There can’t be any sacred cows when it comes to municipal spending. If we want better business investment, our neighborhoods have to look better and our schools have to continue to improve. I can be a strong partner to support our innovative approach to public education. I will also be an excellent manager so that our limited tax dollars are:


This basically means:

  1. We have to do a better job at collecting revenues already on the books
  2. Use technology to monitor and enforce a fair, efficient revenue collection system
  3. Work with partner agencies, like the Sheriff, when enforcement is needed. 


  1. We’ll seek charter reforms to build a new city government if voter-approved changesare necessary to promote progress and fairness
  2.  We’ll utilize technology to collect property and sales taxes already on the books byenforcing a fair, efficient revenue collection system

PRIORITIZED FOR STREETS, BASIC SERVICES, DRAINAGE, PARKS, LIBRARIES… AND THEN for all the extras we want to take from dream to reality. With good management techniques, we’ll yield a surplus for the annual operating budget,eliminate nuisance charges, and consolidate public service into a smooth but productiveenterprise that promotes growth for the next generation.