I’m excited by all the new blood and new ideas in our city, but no one knows New Orleans from the ground up like I do. 

I was raised in the Desire projects, and my mom didn’t let me for a moment think that was the best Michael Bagneris could do. I got a scholarship to Yale; I got a law degree; I worked my way from municipal government with New Orleans first Black Mayor to becoming the Chief Judge at Civil District Court. 

I’ve seen it all. And there are three principles I’m going to keep in mind as I help us take New Orleans to the next level and be ready for the next 300 years:

  1. We do better when we have strong, enforceable laws and we hold to those rules.Then we are all able to know what’s fair and expected.
  2. We are best when we recognize and celebrate our diversity, our uniqueness and ourhome-grown excellence.
  3. We have all we need to succeed right here.

I may be the oldest candidate in the field, but I’m also the most experienced. I have a proven track record of making the tough decisions and exercising capable, fair leadership.I’m more concerned about our future and building upon our renewed energy than accepting excuses.

Excuses don’t work; 

blame doesn’t woRK. 

Action does!

Make me produce results. 

I’m ready.