Since 2005, we’ve rebuilt New Orleans. 

Now it’s time to take it to the next level.


We’re already a great place for tech start-ups. But this is our future and this is where we have to invest with local programs that integrate into our economic development strategies ways to revolutionize our port, our health care industry and our public institutions,especially municipal government, with the latest innovations. Technology is the key to jobs.

My jobs plan will focus on maximizing our investment, modernization and growth in these areas:

  1. Educational and teaching innovations
  2. Our port and added-value trade
  3. Our revitalized medical corridor
  4. Our new entertainment corridor between Poydras and St. Claude
  5. Maximization of our universities as research hubs
  6. Promotion of our seafood and culinary industries
  7. Building green industries that utilize our native resources, and the arts


We’re great at tourism. But that’s because we’re great at culture. Municipal government, in partnership with our K-12 schools, colleges and universities, can do more to leverage our thriving arts, music, culinary and hospitality industries by encouraging their growth and promotion. But to make that happen we have to

protect the integrity of our neighborhoods which nurture this culture. I will:

  1. Re-institute community policing programs;
  2. Regularly meet with and LISTEN TO neighborhood council and organizations;
  3. Enhance the decentralization of city government so that more services can beapplied for and delivered online;
  4. Continue to promote the development of bikeways that link our city;
  5. Focus on walk-able neighborhoods with sustainable retail corridors


There is no reason we can’t afford adequate public safety. Thanks to your hard work and rebuilding, New Orleans is not a third-world economy or city. It is thriving. So let’s put our fiscal house in order: Let’s give our police, fire and safety networks the technological tools and supports they deserve and need to stop the very small number of people who seek to tear down our progress rather than move us forward. There are no short-cuts to public safety so let’s harness this city’s energy into united purpose. I will:

  1. Stop the morale loss at NOPD with decent pay, decent retirement and innovative training strategies
  2. Reinstitute at local universities a concurrent curriculum that produces recruits withus, with advanced training and a strong commitment to serve
  3. Give our criminal justice system…including our jails and District Attorney…anadequate budget. This must be our #1 priority.
  4. Return the Community Policing Program, but enhance it with technological tools andrenewed citizen engagement.
  5. Enforce vagrancy and truancy laws while providing humane options for the chronically homeless.
  6. Target the drug pusher and make New Orleans inhospitable to their business model by waging a legal but non-stop war against drug dealers with one united front from the schoolyard to the jail house